PHP as a scripting language for C#

When creating .NET applications (including desktop and web applications), it may be useful to allow extending the application using some scripting language. The users of the application can write simple scripts to configure the application, modify how data is presented or write simple add-ins. In this article, we look how to use PHP as a scripting language. Continue reading

Installation-Free Phalanger web

A few people asked how to run their web site on top of Phalanger without a need of installing Phalanger. This seems to be useful idea, since you may not be allowed to (or you just don’t want to) install any additional software on a target machine. Since Phalanger works like standard ASP.NET request handler and uses a little of standard .NET configurations, it is possible. And the new version of Phalanger (June 2011) makes it even easier to configure. Continue reading