WordPress on .NET with SQL Server is Possimpible using Phalanger 3.0

In a recent scenario I wanted to run WordPress as a subdirectory of a .NET application. I also wanted to avoid installing PHP and MySql on the Windows server. Impossible? Apparently not! (I’ll get to the word Possimpible a bit later).

I already have IIS and SQL Server setup, so I want to utilize those with WordPress. To do this I installed a pre-compiled version of WordPress, using Phalanger, as well as a simple WordPress plugin to avoid having to install MySql.  Here is what I did…
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PHP as a scripting language for C#

When creating .NET applications (including desktop and web applications), it may be useful to allow extending the application using some scripting language. The users of the application can write simple scripts to configure the application, modify how data is presented or write simple add-ins. In this article, we look how to use PHP as a scripting language. Continue reading

Installation-Free Phalanger web

A few people asked how to run their web site on top of Phalanger without a need of installing Phalanger. This seems to be useful idea, since you may not be allowed to (or you just don’t want to) install any additional software on a target machine. Since Phalanger works like standard ASP.NET request handler and uses a little of standard .NET configurations, it is possible. And the new version of Phalanger (June 2011) makes it even easier to configure. Continue reading

Improved WordPress performance with Phalanger

Update: Latest benchmarks are depicted on Benchmarks page.

One of the reasons why you may be interested in using Phalanger is that you need to run your PHP applications faster. Phalanger is a PHP language compiler for .NET. It is almost fully compatible with PHP, and it also adds several useful extensions. It makes it easy to integrate PHP applications with .NET or ASP.NET and it adds better compile time checking, but we’ll write about these in some other article.

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WordPress on .NET 4.0

WordPress logoEDIT: This  is detailed tutorial mainly for Windows. Now there is a package of WordPress with embedded Phalanger which is prepared both for .NET and Mono. You can download directly from http://wpdotnet.com

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) built using PHP and MySQL. It’s one of the most frequently used solutions for blog publishing. In this article I describe how to compile this PHP application to .NET Framework 4.0 using Phalanger.

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Phalanger + WordPress

As an established open-source community project, Phalanger already has a discussion forum and an issue tracker. Today, we’re starting a new Wiki page for Phalanger and also this blog. Although we’re actively working on Phalanger, we didn’t have any way to easily share news and information about the development of Phalanger with the community. We’re hoping to change it with this blog. Continue reading