Phalanger, as a PHP language compiler and runtime, produces valid CLI bytecode (.NET assemblies) – this makes possible many interesting and useful features, and safety:

Phalanger compiles standard PHP code into .NET 4.0 assemblies (EXE or DLL).

  • This allows you to run standard PHP scripts using .NET or Mono frameworks.
  • Compiled code is verifiable and safe.
  • .NET assemblies can be signed and obfuscated! Distribute your PHP libraries without revealing the source code.

Seamless compilation on ASP.NET web server, automatic recompilation of modified scripts.

  • Phalanger works as an ASP.NET extension – request handler. This allows you to have PHP scripts together with ASP.NET pages, global.asax, web.config etc.
  • Take advantage of PHP and ASP.NET features altogether.
  • Write your code behind in PHP, if you wish so.

Compile time analysis reveals possible run time errors to make the code safer.

  • Make your code safe, avoid of run time exceptions thanks to compile time analysis.
  • Phalanger outputs many additional warning messages during compilation, so you can fix possible issues even before running your app and complex testing.

Compilation makes the code significantly faster.

  • Optimize PHP web easily – compile it.
  • Compilation analyses the code and eventually evaluates statements in compile-time.
  • Resulting .NET assembly is optimized again by .NET Just-In-Time compiler for your actual hardware.

Phalanger allows seamless interoperability between PHP and .NET.

  • Use seamlessly any .NET library in standard PHP code.
  • Or compile PHP web/library and use its functions and objects directly from C#/VB#/F#/…
  • Thanks to several CLR extensions, you can take advantage of generics in PHP code and more.

Phalanger supports standard PHP extensions.

  • All the native PHP 4 extensions are available for the open-source community. This feature allows anybody freely to try any PHP project on Phalanger, but with limitations as no 64 bit support, decreased performance because of communication between managed and native world, and a need of letting unsafe native code to run on your dedicated server.
  • PHP 5 extensions that became a part of PHP core are reimplemented managed and available as open-source too (standard, session, mysql, filter, ctype, tokenizer, date, pcre, ereg, json, hash, SPL).
  • Use managed reimplementation of other most important extensions to enhance performance and safety. This feature is provided as a part of commercial support.

Integration into Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and VS11

  • Create, write and debug your Phalanger projects inside this ultimate development environment.

Phalanger is fully managed and runs 64 bit!

  • To take maximum of your modern server machine, be 64 bit!
  • Managed code is automatically translated into native code using maximum of available instructions and hardware resources.
  • Managed code is safe, verifiable and strongly signed, with no place for insecurity.
  • For additional extensions that allow running Phalanger applications fully managed, please contact official Phalanger support.