Phalanger riding Mono

Phalanger is a complete reimplementation of PHP, written in the C# language. It was always being developed with the Mono platform in mind. This means you can compile and run PHP application on Linux web servers using Mono. Since Phalanger 3.0, this become more official, periodically tested and maintained.


Mono since 2.10.8 contains few fixes that allow running Phalanger powered applications. Mainly it fixes the recursive ReaderWriterLockSlim issue, which disallowed Phalanger in some special cases. If you encounter this issue, please update your Mono to version that has this fixed.

Installing Phalanger on Linux

Briefly, see configuration and add listed configuration options into your web.config file. Dependant Phalanger’s assemblies copy into Global Assembly Cache using “mono gacutil.exe -i” util. You will need PhpNetCore.dll, PhpNetClassLibrary.dll and required extensions (e.g. PhpNetMySql.dll, PhpNetSimpleXml.dll).

The rest of configuration is the same as for ASP.NET 4.0 web on Mono.

Too short?

This post is more an announcement than a tutorial of installing Phalanger on Mono. Phalanger installer for Linux will be published soon, so you don’t have to care about installing :-)

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Jakub graduated Software Engineering at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. His academic work involved data semantization, compilers, integration and automatized processing of web data and utilizing of development processes in dynamic languages. Beside other things, Jakub is developer of open-source PHP language compiler called Phalanger.

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