Phalanger – the PHP compiler for .NET

Welcome to Phalanger – full-featured PHP runtime & compiler for .NET/Mono frameworks. Phalanger is modern open-source implementation of PHP, compatible with the vast array of existing PHP code. In addition Phalanger gives PHP-application developers lot of new possibilities; from improving performance and using modern environments, to taking advantage of seamless unique .NET integration.

Improve Performance

Compilation improves performance

Phalanger seamlessly compiles PHP code into .NET assemblies.

Thanks to compile-time analysis, Just-In-Time compiler and modern runtime implementation; execution of PHP scripts is safer and significantly faster! The process is very similar to how C# and ASP.NET work as developers are used to.

Integrate with .NET

.NET runtime with unique integration possibilities

  • PHP code running on Phalanger takes advantage of any .NET library. You can make use of C#/VB.NET/F# – any object/function will be seamlessly available in your PHP scripts.
  • Phalanger allows you to execute PHP scripts right inside a .NET language. Enhance your C# code with functionality written in PHP.

Use modern IDE

Integration with Visual Studio development environment

Phalanger Tools adds support of Phalanger into Visual Studio. In this way the integration of PHP with .NET and development experience itself are easier and saves your time.

Phalanger Tools for Visual Studio colorizes PHP scripts, shows code errors, allows you to compile and debug PHP code as you are used to and much more!

What is Phalanger

Phalanger is complete full-featured implementation of PHP, rewritten in safe C# language. It consists of compiler and runtime. The compilation itself brings developers and web hosting providers a lot of new possibilities. Phalanger improves execution speed, safety and makes integration with existing PHP and .NET code very simple.

Phalanger as a PHP compiler produces safe .NET assemblies. It also works as an ASP.NET extension which compiles scripts automatically and allows you to start using PHP on ASP.NET-enabled servers within single line of configuration.